Welcome to Lake Grove MOPS

We welcome you, a mother of a preschooler (infant through kindergarten), to MOPS at Lake Grove Presbyterian Church. During your time here you will find encouragement, support, relevant teaching, and opportunities to develop relationships with other women who are in your same season of life. We are confident that once you connect with our MOPS group you will feel empowered to face the challenges as well as celebrate the joys of motherhood.

Our MOPS Story

Lake Grove MOPS is chartered through MOPS International, Inc.    Our group was chartered in the fall of 2007, and we held our first meeting January 28, 2008.   From that very first meeting it was apparent that MOPS was a neccessary and welcoming haven for moms all over the the Portland-Metro area!  It was and is surprising, relieving, and joyful to see how many women are all experiencing both the joys and challenges of motherhood and wanting to connect! We have grown exponentially over the few years meeting new moms, making new friends, forming connections in the community and growing together as mothers.