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First Meeting of the Year!!

Hello Friends!!

       It’s time it’s time!  We finally get to come together again and play…MOPS style! Thursday, September 15 from 9:30-11:30am is our Fall Kickoff meeting! *cue cheers and applause* You won’t be Sorry that you’ve decided to join us for another exciting year!

     Ladies, it will Boggle your mind the fun things we have planned for you on this day!  Since we know you’ll be busy getting your littleHungry Hungry Hippos ready for the day, we bet Apples to Apples you won’t have much time for yourself. We’ll have a fabulous breakfast for you with bottomless coffee and tea, an entertaining skit for your viewing pleasure, a fantastic introduction to this year’s theme MomSense and you’ll meet the Masterminds on this year’s Lake Grove MOPS leadership team. Oh yes, and it’ll be a glorious Paydayfor you because we have fun games in store with prizes and free giveaways! 
    We know Life gets hectic and it may have escaped your Memory to register for our 2011-2012 MOPS year. Well it’ll be no Trouble to register at our Fall Kickoff because the first order of the day will be to register those of you who still need to! If you need to register we encourage you to try and arrive around 9:15 so we have plenty of time to get everyone registered before our festivities begin. We’ll have laptops set up so we can enter you in the system right away and take payment. You can pay with cash, check or credit/debit card. Here’s how this breaks down:
  • The fee for MOPS International is $23.95 for the year and goes directly to MOPS International.
  • The fee for Lake Grove MOPS is $5 per meeting and goes directly to our group. You have three options for this one:
                           a. Pay $5 at each meeting
                           b. Pay one lump sum of $90 for the year
                           c. Pay $45 now and $45 in the spring

Please please please do not let finances deter you from being part of our group. If for whatever reason these fees are a struggle for you, please contact us at and we will find a way to make it work. Okay? 

If any of this information has overwhelmed your Cranium and has caused confusion or questions please reply to us with your questions!  We’ll be happy to answer them!

We cannot wait to see you and meet those of you who are  brand new to Lake Grove MOPS this year!