About Us

You Are Invited

Before you join us, you might have a few questions. We created this website to answer some of them, but by all means you are invited to just call us or send an email.

Our site is packed with all sorts of great information and links to other sites to help us all be the moms that God created us to be.

  • To learn about who we are, where we meet, registration fees and our host church, visit our ABOUT section.
  • Want to check us out?   Visit our CALENDAR to see our meeting topics, activities and events. Feel free to visit one of our meetings; be sure to contact us to make sure we have a spot available for your kiddo(s) in childcare. If classrooms are full, you are welcome to come visit but will need to arrange childcare outside of the meeting.
  • Click here to find information regarding childcare for MOPS meetings.
  • How about something to do with your kiddos when the weather is super crummy for outdoor play. Visit “Out and About” under the Connect tab for a list of free and/or inexpensive activities and events to check out.

What ever it is you need, there is something here for everyone.

As your MOPS Steering Team, it is our goal to facilitate and create a MOPS experience that meets your unique needs. If at any time you have comments, suggestions, or concerns, please talk with one of us. We are here to help you!  You can also e-mail us at lakegrovemops@gmail.com.


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